Instagram Marketing Agency in Chandigarh

Instagram Marketing Agency in Chandigarh


Nowadays, social media marketing is a must for online business growth. Social media makes it easier to find information and discover new products and brands. With the number of social media users increasing every day, there are at least 4 million internet users using Instagram at each minute of each day! There’s no doubt that this highly engaged community will definitely help you grow your business by getting more traffic on Instagram! By promoting yourself smartly with our assistance, you’ll reach millions of people in a short time – which means increased conversions.

Advantages of Instagram Marketing Services

  • Grow (Your Business Reach)  

Successful businesses reach their customers and potential connections through social media. With our experience, we can help you connect to 400 million Instagram users in one day!

  • Reach (Your Correct Audience)

Targeting the right audience is essential to increasing leads and conversions, which will have positive effects on your sales.

  • Build (Your Brand)

A brand is built in the consumers’ mind, and it can be seen everywhere. A business needs to have a creative mindset that thinks of product placement possibilities for every place. It’s all about creativity!

What is included in our Instagram Marketing Services Package?

Instagram Story Ads & Boosts

Reach more people with your paid ad campaign. Don’t be fooled by the hype of insta stories as a way to reach out and advertise because they are not always worth it. If you do research, you can find better ways to reach those “400+ million daily active users.”

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is reaching out to the correct influencers and promoting your business with a social media campaign that lasts. We help in creating an engagement with online audiences who can be targeted for your brand’s products or services.


IGTV is a seperate app which allows you to create and share longer vertical videos about the products or services your company sells. Instead of posting one-minute videos on Instagram stories, you can shoot up to 10 minutes using IGTV.  We will help you promote these IGTVs in order to reach an even larger audience.

Our Methodology

  • BrainStorm 

This is the first step our agency will take to help you get a custom Instagram advertising campaign. This phase involves getting access to your business, audience and goals so we can develop an effective strategy for your company’s marketing needs.

  • Strategizing

After we finish the Instagram advertising strategy, our agency will send you different versions of your ads to approve. Once you approve them, we launch your ad campaign.

  • Monitoring

We monitor your ads on a weekly basis, so that you can make sure they are running smoothly and in accordance with the budget you provide. We will pause any combinations that aren’t working – this isn’t just to create more opportunities for your potential customers!

  • Reporting

Our agency sends you the Instagram reports each month. The report will show you how many people were reached, conversions achieved with your campaigns, as well as clicks received in order to see progress on a weekly and monthly basis.

HammerOne is a Chandigarh based Instagram marketing company that aims to spread awareness of your brand and grow the number of customers. We specialize in social media campaigns that help with enhancing customer engagement. If you want us for our services, please shoot us an email at
( or call on +91 734 074 6510 today!

Benefits of working with us

  • Agency Level At Studio Price

Our HammerOne team always ensure that you receive the best quality services at a competitively low cost. Our creative graphic designers, our analytical marketing executives and all other members of our team are your personal eyes into this process to make sure we get results – so there’s no need for you to overspend your budget by getting a service from someone else!

  • On Time Schedule

We will help you set up and understand what your goals are for your business, then we’ll help you monitor progress. All of the content and design work will be sent to you two weeks in advance before posting.

  • Trusted by Big Brands & SME

We offer honest, transparent pricing and budgeting. We give you a realistic estimate of how much your project will cost – no hidden fees or expenses-and show you our plan for the money. If we need more to complete the work, we’ll tell you about it up front (no surprises!). Our team follows every transaction in great detail so that there’s never any question where your money is going and when.

  • More Conversion, Engagement Traffic & Engagement

We can help you convert more ads into active users who engage with your content. With our expertise, we will teach you how to optimize your site in order to obtain the right amount of clients that are most likely to purchase from you.

Want to improve your Instagram marketing efforts? Contact Hammer One for help.

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