MLM Software Development Company in Chandigarh

MLM Software Development Company in Chandigarh

MLM Software Development Company in Chandigarh

MLM Software Development Company in Chandigarh

MLM Software Development Company in Chandigarh (MLM Software Developer in Chandigarh) – In Chandigarh and across the country, MLM software or Multi-level Marketing software is used as a marketing strategy for the sale of goods and services.

  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • 15 Years of Experience in the MLM Industry
  • 3500+ Project Delivered successfully
  • Cost-Effective and Efficient Software
  • Top-level security policies.
  • 24*7 support team available.
  • Ethical Business Policy
  • Developing Legal and Government Approved MLM Softwares
  • Provide good customer service.
  • Presence in 10 locations in India.
  • In-house Experienced as well as skilled IT Professionals.

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Deals In:

  • Binary Plan
  • Matrix Plan
  • Board Plan
  • Generation Plan
  • Party Plan
  • Gift MLM Plan
  • Stair Step Plan
  • EmgoldX Plan
  • Australian Binary Plan
  • MMM Software
  • Forced Matrix Plan
  • Crowdfunding 50-50

India’s No. 1 MLM Software Development Company in Chandigarh – MLM Software Developer in Chandigarh

  • Website Designing 50 pages
  • Online Members Joining Systems
  • 1 Domain (Website Name)
  • Android APP
  • 100 GB Webspace ( Window Server)
  • E-pin Generator
  • E-mail Alert

Member Panel

  • Member Profile and Data
  • Welcome Letter
  • Registration Certificate
  • Tree View
  • Geneology View
  • Direct Downline Report
  • Income/Reward Detail
  • Leg Income
  • Direct referral Income Detail
  • Account Report
  • Member Downline List
  • Member E-PINs Management

Admin Panel

  • New Registration
  • Members’ Invoice Search
  • Edit Member Profile
  • Members’ security codes
  • Direct Referral View
  • Date Wise Member List
  • Member Bank Detail
  • Downline List
  • Geneology View
  • Member Report
  • Member Messages
  • Generate/Issue E-PIN
  • Fresh E-PIN
  • Used E-PIN
  • Search E-PIN
  • Pay Commissions/Earnings
  • View Binary Income
  • View Leg Income
  • Member A/C Balance
  • View Direct Income
  • Pay Rewards
  • View TDS List
  • Rewards List
  • Customers Feed Backs
  • Block/Allow a Member
  • Member Blocked List
  • Member Blocked List
  • Filter Member List
  • Website Maintenance

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Referral marketing, network marketing, and pyramid selling are also names for this method. Admin users can manage all users within a particular network according to this marketing strategy. Employees are recruited to generate sales with a decent commission. Multi-level Marketing Software allows individuals to trade their products and services directly with end customers through direct sales. Many MLM Software Development Companies in Chandigarh allow even end users to search through the network about the company’s status, income, payouts, and even manage referrals.

Best MLM Software Development Company in Chandigarh – MLM Software Developer in Chandigarh

Every representative has the ability to recruit and train other representatives through the multi-level feature. Sales commissions are provided by respective sales departments. MLM tools are integrated and comprehensive to meet customer needs. MLM Software developers in Chandigarh like Hammer One have been working in this field since 2005. All of these aspects are part of its marketing strategy. One of the key features of the software is its user-friendly interface.Based on the company’s policies, the admin can change every detail such as the homepage, business plan page, contact us page, news and achievers’ list..

It has become a trend in recent years for e-commerce to be a profitable and low-risk business. Direct or indirect effects of MLM business can be seen in e-commerce as well. It is for this reason that MLM software development is growing in Chandigarh. MLM businesses rely heavily on e-commerce. E-commerce has gained popularity in the digital world since 2008. Millions of transactions take place online every day. Within a short period of time, e-commerce websites have proven to be successful.

MLM software can make a drastic change in the industry if it is used properly and according to the basic logic. Providing MLM Software in Chandigarh, Hammer One helps businesses get top rankings in search engines by making their websites more interactive and search engine friendly. According to the customer’s requirements, they offer the best web architecture and E-commerce website. With high-quality work and timely delivery, they strive to ensure 100% client satisfaction. As a result, they have earned over 3500+ projects from all over the country and even from abroad.

Chain of MLM Software

Promoting and selling your brand or service is the basic purpose of an e-commerce website. Neither you nor your customer benefit from it. Consider rewarding your customers with extra commissions if they refer another buyer to your product. Further, that buyer can promote another, and so on. As the network grows, your brand is promoted more, resulting in more sales. Within a short period of time, your business may grow rapidly.

A MLM Software Company in Chandigarh like Hammer One can provide you with MLM software that can customize your e-commerce website according to your requirements. Users can manage the network and calculate commissions automatically. Referral income can even be viewed in an overall report.

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In addition, the MLM software in Chandigarh provides a convenient platform for users to view their earnings and referrals. In this way, more people will join the network as a result of the transparency. As a result, your business will eventually reach new heights.

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