How to Generate Leads for Startups in India?

How to Generate Leads for Startups in India?

How to Generate Leads for Startups in India?

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How to Generate Leads for Startups in India?

It’s not easy to generate leads for a new startup. You need the best strategies in order to find success. Some studies show that generating more leads may increase your chance of success, as long as you have an average product. This highlights the importance of finding and implementing lead generation strategies when starting a business, which is what this blog post will do!

Quick Facts

Many experienced marketers believe generating leads is the most important part of their marketing arsenal, but only 42% of business owners have an adequate plan or method. This can be especially risky for start-ups who need them the most! That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best lead generation marketing strategies that are guaranteed to help you generate more sales leads for your small business.

What is Lead Generation?

A lead is someone who has shown interest in your product or service. Lead generation is the process of getting people to show interest, so that you can fill your sales funnel with targets interested in your business. So how do you generate leads for a startup? You can generate leads offline and online, as long as you have strategies – like right combinations and best methods-to attract potential customers.

Some of the important points for quality lead generation are:

Define the nature of your business

The first thing you should do is define your business nature. To determine this, answer the following questions: What does my company make and sell? How does it work? For what target market are we selling our products or services to?

Which Industry Does My Start-up belong to?

It is extremely important to correctly identify the industry your start-up lies in. In a broader sense, it helps analyze all of the economic and industry’s future prospects.

What are my product and services?

Many times people are not aware of what their product is meant for and how to use it.
In order to market your product in the best possible way, there must be an exact identification of the products usage.

What is my business model? (e.g. B2B or B2C)

The marketing techniques for B2B and B2C products are done in somewhat different ways.
Therefore, a clear understanding of to whom you’re marketing and how is necessary.

What is the buying behavior of my consumer?

If you have a clear buyer persona, understanding the buying behavior won’t be difficult. However, it can still be important to understand the end-consumer’s funnel. And that is why hiring an experienced marketing consultant is necessary!

Define Your Persona 

Once you have defined what a business is and the most important element of its customer, it’s time to define your buyer persona or ICP (Ideal Consumer Profile).
Buyer personas are researched-based profiles that depict a target customer.
Personas describe who your ideal customers are, what their day looks like in terms of challenges faced and how they make decisions. A good understanding of this will help with lead generation marketing strategies.

Lead generation marketing strategy

There are two types of lead generation marketing strategy that businesses follow:

  1. Inbound Lead Generation 
  2. Outbound Lead Generation 

Inbound Lead Generation

One of the most effective ways for generating leads for your company is inbound lead generation. It helps convert visitors to leads when they visit your business website or social media handles. Marketers can choose between content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine marketing to generate these leads. With a proper lead generation strategy, companies can target customers who are already browsing the Internet actively
for products or services that the company offers with inbound lead generation strategies like this one being known as one of the best options starting out because it has proven successful when there’s high online search volume related to those specific products and services you offer on top of everything else due their effectiveness at attracting new prospects without having them even have any prior knowledge about what you’re offering beforehand!

Outbound Lead Generation

Outbound lead generation is the process of generating leads when you blindly push business-related communications to your target audience. Bulk emails, cold calls, and ads are just some ways outbound lead generation can be done. Outbound Lead Generation is our best method for b2b leads and we highly recommend it even if your company’s product or service has low online searches or if your company hasn’t been fully established on the web yet.

Ways to Generate Leads


LinkedIn is the best lead generation strategy for B2B-type business. Through LinkedIn, you can generate quality leads.


Webinars are a great way to generate leads nowadays. Besides lead generation, they also serve as a marketing strategy for startups to connect with their audience.


Infographics are a creative and attractive way to present information on the internet. It is one of the best ways to share infographics on Pinterest, where you can also use them for lead generation strategy.


Blogs are a great way of lead generation and providing detailed information about your product. They come in the form of text, graphics, and long pieces of content that detail every aspect.

Paid Ads

One of the best lead generation strategies for startups is through paid Google ads and Social media ads. They can generate potential leads at the consideration stage, or in other words when they are considering something.

Co- Branding

By partnering with other brands, you will be able to cross-share your audience with them and generate more leads.

Listing on Directory website

Directory websites exist to get your business listed, which leads to people going through and generating leads .


Many startups will do anything to attract more customers, and a good way to get these leads is by networking. Depending on the type of startup that you are running, effective lead generation methods can be outbound or inbound. By choosing the appropriate method for your business will make it easier for you to develop sustainable results with each campaign. However, this goal cannot be reached without adhering strictly to a system designed specifically for your company’s needs as well as continuingly optimizing it accordingly.

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