How To Get Clients For Tiffin Services- Brilliant Online Marketing Strategies for Caterers!

How to get Clients for Tiffin Services

How To Get Clients For Tiffin Services- Brilliant Online Marketing Strategies for Caterers!

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How To Get Clients For Tiffin Services- Brilliant Online Marketing Strategies for Caterers!

Here’s how you can get clients for your tiffin service business without breaking the bank.

Are you a tiffin service owner, who is wondering how to get clients for your small business? One big thing that can help in this search is using Digital Marketing. There are 100s of other small business owners like you-unaware of the benefits and searching for ways to promote their businesses without spending too much money.

Many local businesses who had this issue in the past, have come out of this dilemma using Digital Marketing. They now enjoy a free flow of clients all around the year.

Firstly, since you are a small business owner and not an advertising guru, it is difficult for you to get clients. This can be explained in two ways: Firstly, the amount of money that might be invested in digital marketing campaigns has been noticed to increase sales by 70%. Secondly; It is easier for people with expertise on digital marketing to improve your visibility online than someone who doesn’t have any knowledge about this field.

1) You are not physically present where your customers spend time.

Most of the people who need Dabba service are young adults. They might be office goers or college students, and they spend most of their time on social media. If your business is not on social media, you cannot get their attention.

If you don’t have a website, it will be hard for people to find your content.

2) You don’t need a website! We can take care of that for you.

Clients search for their needs on google, such as Dabba service. With a website, customers can find out about your food types and delivery locations. You can get new registrations online too! That’s pretty awesome.

By the end of this blog, you’ll have an understanding of “How to get clients for your tiffin service business?”
Discover the latest offline and online marketing ideas for tiffin services. And also learn how to promote a tiffin service business without spending too much money! Let’s get started…

1.Google My Business

With this platform, your business can be seen by people in the area who are looking for a tiffin service. You can post contact details and offer information on it as well as respond to customer reviews. Plus, it’s free!

2. Create a website

Yes, Google My Business doesn’t require a website and its features are limited. However, that is where your customers will want to know more about your business before buying anything from you. It’s only possible when you have a website. Besides, if one of your competitors has an online presence but you don’t – customers will choose them over you!

3. Join groups on social media

As I mentioned, it’s important to be vocal.
The only way you can fight big brands for attention is via social media.
Make sure to post good content on your business page and then share it with the social media groups where office goers & college students spend time!

4. Business Listing Sites

Register your tiffin service with all the business listing sites. Just Dial and Sulekha are just two of them, but there are plenty more out there that can help you get clients. With these sites, customers who want a tiffin service in your area will find you!

5. Sample your meals

Offering samples of your food is one of the best offline marketing ideas for tiffin service business. You see, customers often don’t buy a meal from you because they’re hesitant to try it or know how much there really is so when you offer them it for free, many will want to give your food a taste and then stay on as paying customers.

6. Start a referral program

Word of mouth is the best way to market, so ask your existing customers for referrals. You can offer discounts on every referral in return and you will get great results!

7. Approach office spaces & colleges

This is the place where bulk of your potential clients are. Meet them in person and talk to them about tiffin service business, collect their contact details so that you can send emails or SMS for marketing offers. Hand out flyers with detailed information on menu, rates, offers etc

8. Run paid ads on Google & social media

I know this may be a costly option, but it’s not as expensive as the regular TV and newspaper ads where you pay lakhs. You can start with an ad of your budget starting from Rs 500. Moreover, these ads stop when they reach their target audience.


If you are looking for digital marketing solutions, or want to know how to increase your tiffin service business and get more customers, simply book a consultation call with HammerOne. We have helped 100s of small businesses grow in the past and understand what it takes to help you do the same!
We will teach you affordable sales strategies for your tiffin service by sharing our knowledge about digital marketing. This is just one way that we can give back after all of our years working in this industry. With any luck, these ideas should work when applied correctly because they require no financial risks on your part (they’re completely free!).
If there’s anything else we can do please let us know through our email so We’ll be sure to reply as soon as possible!

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